project power generator hire


Generator Hire

With the latest Diesel Generators from BGG UK, we are well placed to support your Rental Generator needs across the UK. We pride ourselves on having a young High-Spec Fleet coupled with excellent Engineering Backup support and robust Service and Maintenance Systems going above and beyond the manufacturer guidelines so our equipment is always tip top.


Our Generators

​Project Power can provide Rental Generators ranging from 10kVA right up to 500kVA on both Short Term, Long Term and Emergency Hire complete with Fuel Management where required to ensure you never run out.

​All our Generators have Deep Sea Controller Panels which are extremely flexible but easy to use, with all machines 100kVA and over with Sync Capability, either within their own size or as part of a Power on Demand System to suit our customers needs. With fully standard output sockets on each node size, you can be sure to know exactly what will turn up.


​In addition to Standard Generator Hire, we are pleased to offer Whisper Box Units for the more sensitive applications, and Secure Units for Building Sites etc. We can also offer Hybrid Units, Load banks and a full range of Fuel Tanks including Road-tow Options to suit - all provided in-house.


​All Generators up to 200kva can be fully Road-towable for those harder to access areas for final citing.