A new name in event power is creating an exciting buzz. Project Power is generating empowered solutions and delivering them with passion...

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A new name in event power is creating an exciting buzz. Project Power is generating empowered solutions and delivering them with passion. 

In the ever changing landscape of live events in the which the customer satisfaction, both with service quality and environmental credentials, has never been more crucial, 2019 welcomes into the fray a power supplier to generate an exciting buzz once more.

May 2019 marked a key moment for Bristol based event power and generator supplier, when SWG Power transitioned into the newly refreshed Project Power.

Project Power is led by Tom Wild and Tony Hales as directors and has benefited from substantial investment in its core equipment and generator fleet. After identifying a desire to change business direction and service capacity, the next natural step was a complete name change and re-brand to fittingly reflect the new values at the heart of the company.

Project Power believes in offering high quality equipment with expert knowledge and backup support to match. The company boasts a wealth of repeat clients, highlighting its progressive mentality in continuing to add value year on year, resulting in valuable and loyal customer relationships. Being one step ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability the team adopt the latest technologies, undertake proactive monitoring of power usage in order to influence equipment improvements and investments for the following year, as well as adopt new working methods from initial planning through to on site delivery.

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Project Power now boast its own generator fleet of more than 40 BGG generator sets (with more than 70 per cent of the fleet having sync capability). Plus, there are tanks and accessories to suit, as well as further capacity and development in its core distribution, cable and lighting ranges. Its in-house fleet of Hi-AB transport allows logistical flexibility on complex installs or out of hours services, whilst load monitoring and management technologies, including CA PEL metering and DSE panel technologies on all generators, allow full remote telemetry and control.

Furthermore, a growing fleet of BGG whisper box generators accommodate for the growing infrastructure demands in more sensitive locations, plus additional broadcast and TV work.

The company boasts 15 full-time staff with an additional 10 key freelancers, including generator engineers, power engineers, drivers operations co-ordinators, a warehouse team and admin support - all offering the clients the very best expertise under one roof.

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Already, Project Power has cemented its position as a key supplier to some of the UK's largest festivals and events, advising on the best solutions. Consistency is Key so the business ensures the same delivery teams work on annual events in order to foster valuable on-going relationships, becoming immersed in the wider production team and is a contractor that ca be heavily relied upon.

The entire team's ethos is centred around integrity, delivering a personal service, consistently exceeding client requirements and ability to excel within the tightest of deadlines.

With Project Power "Generating Empowered Solutions, Delivered with passion" you can guarantee the team can handle all your event infrastructure requirements under one roof - armed with that all-important million watt Smile!